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STRATEGY football betting: SAFETY

by admin in Slot Games | Posted on August 24th, 2016 | No Comments

The most popular bet is the principle that, if rates are low risk, the more money you can win, and this principle applies to this betting strategy asian gambling market.

However, this principle requires a fairly large size of the bank and it has a certain risk, too. Factor is always very important, because of its value, we get the final profit.


Factor №1 – 1,25

Factor №2 – 6,50

At the rate of $ 100 gambling in asia in the first bet we will get 25 rubles of net income, and on the second rate of $ 100, we obtain a net profit of 550 rubles.

There are three very important rules of betting on lower rates

  1. ALWAYS need to put it on the team, which has the lowest coefficient of not more than 1.55. There is a rule, the lower the ratio, the lower the risks.
  2. Always pay attention that would be on the second team ratio was 2 times larger than the coefficient favorite team, and it should be more than 3.20.
  3. DO not bet when the ratio does not meet the requirements of the first two points.

This betting strategy can be described as very safe and cautious, and that would make a profit from these rates, you have to bet large sums of money and several rates per day. But you are more likely to win and a lot less risk.

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One of the matches of the Russian football championship, which fully reflects the essence of the whole strategy:

Zenith – the coefficient 1,25

Draw – coefficient 5.75

Tom – ratio 11.00

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