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Searching for the value for sports betting lines

by admin in Sports Betting | Posted on October 27th, 2016 | No Comments

All smart investing is value investing – to acquire more than you are paying for. Investing is where you find lots of great corporations and then sit on your ass.

This should likely to go to number 1 to be honest but value means different things to different sports gambling players. I make my own oddsline so I can see value in every single jackpots thanks to the automatically created odds-lines for each race. Does that mean you should gamble every single one? Well, no…that is where the ‘Specialise and Concentration’ step comes in but in circumstance you are not backing horses at greater odds than the market estimates their opportunities then you will really struggle to make a long-term benefits. You could back a horse at 6/4 that should be 5/3, that is value but I would rather back a horse at 23/1 that should be 10/1. There may be longer losing runs but the payoff for me is far greater. Of course this bases on how good you are at choosing long-odds shots but on gamble fair you can get some crazily overpriced top-rated horses who pay 23/1 instead of the 33/1 SP for instance. So do not search for winners of races, search for overlays within the race.

Practice detachment according to the sports betting tips and strategies

Manifest plans, Embrace simplicity, Decrease selfishness, Have few desires.

This one is trickier and I find most struggle with. I find that yoga and meditation support tremendously with this but if that is a bit new-age for you then only lift some weights and go for a run to take your mind of things as you will make bad things if you base your sports betting lines on emotions. As you reaction to a losing gambling is to blame the jockey, the trainer, the tipster first rather than just shake off a losing gamble and moving on, hence you need to practice detachment. As you are value gambling you need to accept you will back a lot more losers than winners but it is neccessary to get out of the winning/losing mindset, reach yourself from recent results and accept that losses are part of being a potential long-term value punter as well.

Eventually you need to believe in yourself, work hard and spend data that the majority of the market does not have connect to. Personally, I have made $150,000 clear benefit since the 2003 flat season so ‘on average’ around $26,000 every year which I am both happy with and proud of due to making long-term benefits through horse racing is a very difficult thing to achieve. There can be losing spells which can be challenging to deal with psychologically but is very much about connecting a winning mindset and a belief in your plans. Value is everything and you do not need to have knowledge of horses but it will raise your Yield the more you do understand about horse racing.


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