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January 2018
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Sales Forecast

No less popular is another primitive and at the same time an effective model of divorce. This sales forecast for the sport. Members firmly believe that there are people who are able to issue forecasts astounding accuracy and ready to share money with their predictions.

2.1 Sale of sports forecasts prepaid

To pay the money – get the latest forecast. As evidence of their success forecaster can use a variety of broker gambling. The first is a fake statistics on websites and social networks. These resources are one thing in common – comments closed. Because of this, those who bought forecasts, cannot openly leave your review. Moderators publish only rare positive reviews, and the man first came to this site or in the community, may bite on this trick. Believe me: nearly 100% real reviews by paid for the negative outlook!

2.2 The sales forecast for posleoplatu

The difference of this scheme is that you ask asian gambling games for the money immediately, but after a bet. It inspires confidence, but do not be fooled! So-called Capper do not care if you lose money on a bet, the choice of which he spent 5 minutes in the closet, and if you are lucky with this rate, the part of a prize you will have to pay. The best place at random, at its discretion: the same result, but you will lose less because they do not have to pay for forecasts.

If you lose your money sportsbooks online, a forecaster never return you the amount of your bet, otherwise he would have long lived on the nearest landfill.

Some of the myths about sales forecasts

1) If people were really declared patency in 70%, 80% or even 95% on the average rates, they would long ago have become billionaires. Ask them a question about it. They will tell you a story about how evil and insidious bookmakers as one cut them maximum rate to ridiculous values.

2) Often, forecasts sellers posing as an employee of any of the popular bookmaker. This is, of course, a lie. Yet even if it were true, I as an experienced player see that this is supposed to mean.

3) All the “props”, which is used inveterate charlatan – screenshots with big wins, “painted” Statistics on websites and in public servers, video-recording trip to the office for a win – is not proof that these people play plus the distance. They are happy to show you their good luck and failures are silent. And there is some blind faith in what is actually there.

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