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January 2018
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There are some questions that houses the premium w88 withdrawals or transfer money to your customers? . W88 Seo assure you that will not charge any fee transfers or withdrawals from any w88, so everyone is assured to withdraw or transfer money in comfortable w88 online betting brokers. However seo also announced that all arise withdrawals / transfers of some banking, electronic purse, credit card companies will be charged a transaction fee, but this fee adds w88 will not receive. So customers need to keep in mind before choosing the bank for the transaction so that reasonable and most beneficial to her .. For customers using RMB currency, W88 will only accept requests for 7 days transaction date and will not be responsible then. W88 can complete discretion and absolute right to terminate or remove the offer and apply all the terms and conditions.

Do not know what the premium w88 asian handicap betting when members do not withdraw money or transfer funds

And w88 will refund to the customer and let’s learn about What Is Money Refund?

Cash Refund is applied to each member of w88 based on the total amount staked weekly valid when participating in asian handicap betting explained, Sports, Lottery and Slots games.

Cash Refund activities How?

Refunds will be calculated for each member based on the promotional benefits that members are eligible to participate. This amount will be based on the weekly amount staked on the product’s members receive reimbursement. The program will end at 23:59:59 (GMT + 8) Sunday. Our system will update and return to the members of the 5 working days.

There is need for the Round Betting On Demand Before Withdrawal?

You do not need to undergo any any betting round. Please contact Online Support Department for more details and related issues.

Must Track Cash Refund How?

Please log in and view W88 and conduct statistical history “Cash”, and will be accompanied remarks in which the amount refunded.

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