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January 2018
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There are many people who are curious and want to learn about the origin, source of w88 Where? New seo read more is a fairly detailed sharing w88 people to read through and learn more correct view offline.

First, regarding the origin and source of the so-W88 online sports betting lines college football?
According to all the information they learn w88 Seo was established in early 2010, the so-w88 is headquartered in Manila, Philippines, and is licensed to operate from the exclusive economic agencies as 1 Cagayan online gaming company Marque gland called Holding Inc ,.

2. W88 provides online entertainment yet?
Casino W88 (W88 online) offers sports betting lines, online casino, online poker (poker w88), financial bets and keno games with 3D Slot online.

3. W88 licensed and are active in the country?
W88 prestigious Casino offer betting services mainly in Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malay, Singapore and Thailand.

4. W88 using any form of indentured bet now? currently use the most attractive odds, IBC bet betting floor.

Learn together explore the origin and source of the so-W88 asian betting exchange

5. W88 latency interface that supports mobile devices ios, android, ipad, windown phone?
Yes, we support all the interfaces on mobile phones, namely the operating system: iOS (iPhone), Android, W88 wap (for the less intelligent phones)

6. W88 supports the language known Vietnam Or not?
The dealer w88 We have a staff of Vietnam operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and of course speak fluent Vietnamese, experienced good communication and always listen to customer comments.

7. There is news that consumer fraud W88 generally true?
W88 absolute casino dealer reputation, all information that is not deceptive true. Maybe because certain players have participated in the program Promotion of W88 but does not accept the goods on the terms of our promotion should say so.

So all the information has been clearly understand I got you all rest assured members register and participate w88 here. Sincerely thank.!

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