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January 2018
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UCW18 company is one of the online football betting famous and most prestigious in Asia, with headquarters in the Philippines and is one of the many fans and most Asian selection, with team technical staff, customer care to more than 300 people and its subsidiaries are located in countries such as Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia …


Currently the company has a lot of different services:

Sports betting: Includes the popular betting games such as football, baseball, …
Bet Casino: Includes games such as poker, …
Cockfight online: Return to ancient and betting play extremely attractive cockfight.
With the mission to bring to players playing a reputable online betting, ease and flexibility of the UCW18 have been in Vietnam and is the largest representation company in Vietnam about betting types cockfight online, the prestige, you do not need too concerned, because the hotel is UCW18 is god is the god that UCW18 always wanted to server 24/7.
With all of the most enthusiastic, today there are many betting sites emerged in Vietnam but the attitude and service quality for customers too poor, precisely because UCW18 noticed this has set a goal and mission the main clause that is brought to a product, the best service to customers, we are always optimal from the smallest to the biggest ones so that customers can feel comfortable playing and satisfaction service, with a staff of customer care are qualified and well trained in customer care attitude, you and all everyone can rest tam.Hay register now to enjoy the game professionalism and dedication for our customers!

Why play football betting at ucw88 casino?

Our website is the football betting sites leading prestigious Asian markets and Malaysia, we have a system of betting distributor and partner corporations football betting and sporting prestige.
– Website online football betting our regular promotions and bonuses, extremely high value prizes.
– Support staff always serve you 24/24, all difficulties to help you win your identity, communicate entirely in Vietnamese.
– The system of money transfers and withdrawals quickly, avoiding time-consuming your gold.
– Page member member (When you join registered and became a member of the football betting site on our online) is optimized so you can review the history and make quick bets betting times, truth utilities do not have to.

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