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Highway King slot for the wonderful race

by admin in Slot Games | Posted on July 30th, 2016 | No Comments

How to play the slots Highway King
With the aim to attract players challenging game worldwide, slot players are likely to express interest in a sexy geisha and win the approval of the old masters. This slot has five reels, fifteen pay lines in total and you can decide to put 10 coins per pay line. The winner can pay both left to right and back. Symbol ‘Truck with Lightening’ was released.
There is only one bonus feature when you join and it is the Dollar Ball slots. You will create action for these features by clicking on the logo Dollar ball at the top right of the slot reels. When you create an action for this feature, you need to choose the amount of the amount of five number 1 to number 49. When you spin the reels of symbols out with the number attached. The more the amount corresponding to the amount you take, the more chances for you to win. The house edge is 27.59% this side – there is no other evidence for this other than suicide.
A summary of the Highway King slot 
Even thought about closing slot Highway King
Apart from the advantages of the house – which is very low compared with the industry average, although not the lowest available in the casino – slot Highway Is King challenged? Between the lack of features and graphics simply do not meet the goal, we are confident that you can find more entertaining games such as slot Highway King.

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This slot is filled with the image of a truck driver truck driver right from profanity, gas pumps, wheels and of course, sexy geisha in Daisy Duke short. If you hit a winning pay line, the rocks will act like animation soundtrack.
trucker is the wild symbol and intractable or not, you might want him to make an appearance when he created a winning combination for you. Sexy attendant pay-out 100 in the amount of your bet when she appeared in a few rolls, even on lines that are not allowed.
Although this game only had nine pay line, winning is much interesting and you can win up to £ 500,000 with just one spin of the slot! Line payment max is 10,000 coins and is yours when you align the five symbols of trucks in the queue salary allowed.
Reveal flag on reels one and five and you trigger a Bonus Truck Racing where you take one of three trucks to win free games. We love this bonus game where you can get your truck to the race for the win multiplier. This slot does not include the additional features players like nowadays, such as free spins, bonus games or spinner.

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